Well…now what?

To be human is to live the experience of transition. We transition in aging and throughout life stages, and within our circumstances. To complicate matters, venturing into the unknown is also difficult. And scary. But, can also be exciting. And the decision between which adjective to use depends completely on the individual.

Whether it is a new phase in raising children, moving to a new state, a new unwelcome result on a lab test, a sudden change (or loss) in career, income, or ability, transition and adapting to it, is a challenge.

But there are some constants amidst transitions and that’s people; people are meant to connect, and people are meant to help each other.

In nursing, we call this sensory prepping; where we explain what to expect (as in before a procedure) by explaining step by step, using all the senses, to better equip someone for the experience.

I wanted part of this blog to be a way of offering help, sensory prep, and an arm-around-the-shoulder of support.

Life can be ridiculously hard. And ridiculously gracious. Always ridiculously precious.

There are entries where I want to help someone experience life by either letting them know they aren’t alone, or by offering support which helps them experience more of life. If you have a question that I may be able to answer, or find an answer, ask.




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