Now What Blog (which was named by my husband as I wasn’t clever enough to come up with it :)

There’s not better place to begin than at the beginning. But, I’m actually beginning quite far into the middle. In fact, for this reason, I’ve continually delayed the start, which is not a recommended way to actually finish anything. I kept thinking, “Who ever wants to start in the middle…of a movie? of a book? Of LIFE?” No one, that’s who.

Confusing? That’s what its like finding yourself in the middle of life asking, “now what?”.

Welcome to my “Now What Blog”. It is the unpacking, evaluating, and repurposing of a life- long acquisition of E X P E R I E N C E.  It is also my- children are almost grown- I’m longing for a more fulfilling career- should I go back to school?- should I spend that kind of  money??- aren’t I just about at retirement age, anyway-yikes! and my body isn’t getting any younger- now what blog. If you’re nodding your head, that means you relate. I LOVE it when people relate. It makes me like people more…because they are more like me. Which is a selfish, narcissistic way of looking at it, but…well, you relate. 😉

Come along with me, I invite you. In fact, I believe I need you. We all need each other, whether we are at a place we feel ok to admit it, or a place we want to hide away for a while.  I’ve learned so much from so many, and yearn to share it, to connect, and continue to learn.

So, as I told each of my kids when they entered middle school, “Just settle in. It’s going to be a wild ride”.